Monster Blast Review

Once in a while a game comes along that challenges your sanity, and Monster Blast is one of those games. Poplobby have crafted a game that starts off inocently before subjecting you to dozens of challenging levels that leave you pulling your hair out. We mean this in the best way possible of course, because Monster Blast is a lot of fun!

Simplicity – One trap that many developers fall into is simply making their game far too complicated. Monster Blast succeeds by offering a simplistic and engaging experience, both in mechanics and controls. The pemise of the game is simple enough – load your monster into a cannon and fire him into the next cannon, eventually reaching the portal that will end the level. If you’ve played Donkey Kong Country, think back to firing that damn dirty ape out of those pesky barrels and you have a similar experience. The controls are extremely simple, one tap to fire is all it takes to play the game. This means anyone can pick up and play with ease, but the level design will challenge even the most proficient gamer.

Inviting art style – From the minute the game launches you’ll be invited into this colourful world that looks fantastic on the iPhone 4 retina display. Simple cartoon environments come to life with a great range of colours, and later some great “characters” fill the screen. It may not be the most detailed looking game, but it sure does look great!

Great progression – The opening levels of Monster Blast start out rather simple, but as you gain access to the later levels things start getting a little hectic. It’s certainly challening to say the least, with moving cannons and other characters to deal with, such

No music – It’s not a huge deal, but it would have been nice to get some kind of musical background. It would have made the title feel just a little more complete, especially during long playthroughs. There are some nice background effects, but nothing that really stands out.

Monster Blast is a game that relies on simplistic mechanics and well designed puzzles to bring in a great experience. The inviting art style and great progression do well to hold your interest, and for the low price of $1 you couldn’t ask for more. If you like a challenge then this could be the game for you.