Paper Monsters Review

Crescent Moon Games have released Paper Monsters for iOS and OS X. This cute and cuddly game provides a healthy dose of classic platforming action, but after such a long development cycle, does it live up to the hype?

Fantastic presentation – The first thing you will notice when loading Paper Monsters is the superb presentation. The colourful environments immediately pop off the screen, and the character models are expertly crafted to look like they are pieces of paper and cardboard. The whimsical art style matches up perfectly with the bright and bubbly soundtrack, creating one of the friendliest, and stunning experiences on iOS.

Classic platforming – Paper Monsters combines the classic Mario formula with the feel of LittleBigPlanet to create a truly memorable gameplay experience. The throwbacks to Mario are undeniable – most enemies are killed by jumping on their heads, you will walk through pipes to get to other areas, and one area even has you walking inside an open mouth to proceed. While some may cry “unoriginal” from the rooftops, Paper Monsters creates their own spin on the action, and provide one of the most solid platforming experiences on the iOS platform.

Plenty of extras – While the entire game can be finished by running from point A to point B, there are plenty of extras in Paper Monsters to keep you entertained. Players can collect buttons (the equivalent of coins) which can be spent on in-game items such as clothes and hats to jazz up your characters. Each level contains three golden paperclips that are hidden, along with one hidden game tile. For those completionists out there, you’ll be happy with the challenge these collectibles represent.

Not so great on the iPad – Paper Monsters is fantastic on the iPhone and OS X, yet we found it rather cumbersome on the iPad. The game looks great on the extended screen real estate, but the virtual thumbpad feels awkward and jumping wasn’t so responsive. It’s not horribly broken, but if you can pick this up on iPhone or OS X, you’ll enjoy a better experience.

Too short – As it stands, Paper Monsters only features 16 levels, which is a shame considering how fun the gameplay is. The developers are planning to release future levels via free updates, but at the moment you’ll feel a little short changed.

Paper Monsters is a fun, adorable and solid platformer on iOS and OS X. Borrowing classic mechanics from games like Mario, and melding it with the atmosphere of games like LittleBigPlanet, Paper Monsters creates a feel of its own, that should be checked out by everyone with an iOS or OS X device. Easily the best platformer on the market right now.