Run Roo Run Review

From the makers of Scribblenauts,  Run Roo Run is the first of four mini titles that 5th Cell are planning to launch this year. With over 420 standard levels and 100 extreme levels Run Roo Run will keep you hopping till the very end.

You play as Roo; a kangaroo version of Indiana Jones if I must say so myself, whose joey has been kidnapped by a zoo and is heading toward Sydney some 4000km away. Your job as Roo is to fight your way through the Australian desert avoiding obstacles and rescuing your baby joey along the way.

With its cartoon-styled visuals, Run Roo Run offers a simple game-play mechanism of tap to move, jump, etc. Any “gamer” would be able to just pick it up and quickly grasp the idea of the game.

I want levels lots of levels – With over 420 levels and 10 levels free every week once completing the story, Run Roo Run really knows what the player wants. Personally I don’t like buying a game then having to pay for additional levels when I have already payed for the game in the first place. That’s just my opinion on DLC, same goes towards bigger titles on consoles.

The game is stretched between 20 chapters, with each chapter containing 15 regular levels and six unlockable extreme levels. Each chapter offers a new mechanic like double jump, crumbling platforms, floating clouds, fans, cannons and lots more. As you progress through the chapters, some will be combined to test your skill. As each level passes it always seems to feel fresh and that you’re never doing the same level twice. You may find some levels easier than others and some just too hard to get the gold, but no matter what, till the very end it’s always different.

More gold please – With each level being timed you’re rated with either Gold, Silver or Bronze medal. Most of the time if you complete a level without dying, you’re most likely to achieve the gold medal. Each time you die a marker is places where you previously jumped last, which helps you recognise your fault of jumping too early or too late. If you’re going for gold, it’s better to use the quick restart button. Each time you die the timer continues on the level, not allowing you to get the gold medal that you wanted.

Power ups – Sometimes it’s just too hard! With power ups you’re able to take a bus, which skips the level if deemed too hard or even slow down time and play the level in slow motion. Each power up has a limited use. You can buy more power ups trough in-app purchases and power your way through levels but it’s completely unnecessary.

Is that it? – With over 420 level you think it would last longer! With each level lasting a matter of seconds, and chapters minutes its actually easy to “clock”. As you are awarded medals for completing levels under a certain time, you are always coming back to try to get the gold or beat your old time. With most levels being really short, most players will get gold on nearly every try.

Only for the Hardcore – Run Roo Run may seem simple on the regular levels, but those extreme levels are extremely impossible. Nevertheless, if you’re one of those who will strive to complete all extreme levels, your rewarded the “true ending” of the game. It’s nothing to be upset over. but it seems like some of those extreme levels have obstacles that you just can not pass.

I always find it hard to complain about games which just work. When playing Run Roo Run the only thing I could really find was that it’s one level after another. I just found my self just sitting there, tapping away like a robot emotionless. I don’t know if I was happy, sad, angry, just tap tap away.

Run Roo Run is a great and enjoyable game at times, with over 420 levels to keep you occupied. Visually the game is incredible and colourful with the slightest didgeridoo in the background, the music keeps the game alive and relaxing.

5th Cell has been known for its great ideas as we saw with Scribblenauts Remix, and now with Run Roo Run. I cant wait to see what 5th Cell has in store for us in the next couple of months.

For $0.99c for the iPhone version or $1.99 for the iPad versions Run Roo Run is not one to miss this month.